Our services

Our different production sites

We are lucky to have 9 springs and 6 bottling sites in France (Pyrenees, Paris Area, Brittany, Alps, Lozère, Provence).

A wide and varied range of French Waters

Natural mineral waters and spring waters from across France to your Home at all prices.

High quality wines and beers

We produce and sell a wide range of beers thanks to our regional know-how. Indeed, our talented experts are constantly searching for and selecting new, high-potential wines and champagnes.

Across all The Seven Seas

AQUALINK International offers worldwide delivery of high-quality French beverages bringing the treasures of France to your doorstep.

An all-inclusive service

We offer a unique service, from supplying the containers, delivering to the destination port, insuring your goods, to providing land and sea transport.

Professional Team

Highly trained and professional experts are at your service to bring the best of France to your Home.